provides support and volunteer coordination services in cooperation with the Emergency Ops Centers in the Keys. It is not required anyone have any certification, or experience, but having a database of our volunteers will permit us and Monroe County Residents to provide a stronger response in case of an environmental threat and help engage people in the most beneficial and rewarding activities.

Message to New Members:
Organizing a Volunteer Network, to help protect and sustain the Keys eco-systems is part of the mission. We are open to Individuals, Businesses and Organizations. We hope that all who wish to become individual voting members will support our mission with a small but important annual, or more frequent donation. All “in county” sourced funds are used to support our member organizations in pursuit of their focused initiatives.

Members are encouraged to contact about how to most effectively join together to protect and restore the Florida Keys ecosystems.

Go on, join us, it only takes a few minutes… :0)